Wounds hurt most when fresh. It takes time for them to heal. My daughter came crying from school today as she had fallen down and got a small bruise. She said she did not want to bathe for it would hurt. Infact she refused to do anything as she felt it would make her pain worse. How innocent of a 4 year old to believe that even eating her own lunch would probably worsen her pain.

As we grow up and we face loss don’t we become the same; a child who has fallen down. We stop doing our usual tasks. Momentarily life even stops and we’re scared to move forward and infact scared to do anything at all that might make our pain worse. Loss of a loved one creates that wound on our hearts which takes years and years to heal but never goes away completely. A friend of mine lost her mother recently and she asked me how I survived so many years for she felt lost in just an year after losing her. We’ll talk about my loss later butfor the time being I told her one thing “It takes time for wounds to hurt less but with time all the pain becomes passive and slowly what seemed impossible at first becomes a part of your life”. We move on , we live and we remember. Some wounds never heal and they leave a permanent mark on us forever. When we see them we reminisce for they bring back memories pouring in like a thunderstorm. Hold on to your umbrella of faith when they do for in those moments it shall all seem alive once again. However every cloud passes with time and every thunderstorm ends and brings a sun shining back the next day. Wait for your sun to shine and wait for the wounds to heal.

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