“Molten me” a taste of sheer happiness

Yesterday I bumped into this coffee/dessert shop in Jumeirah and based on a friends recommendation decided go give it a try. The shop is named “MOLTEN ME”

“Wow” is the only word I can use to describe it. The concept is pretty cute with little glass jars that hold a scrumptious cake filled with a filling of your choice. As you indulge in the first spoon you can see the filling oozing out may it be white choclate or hazelnut. The jars are hot while they are served and the first bite itself warm and rich makes you wanting more. They offer a wide variety of bases to choose from. The base here being the soft “melt in the mouth” cake and the fillings too have a wide variety to choose from.

You will surely want to try more after having one jar. The presentation is highly detailed with wooden boards shaped to fit the jar and the spoon which in turn match the interior of the shop. A dessert which is a must try for those with a sweet tooth. Simple delicious, satisfying and an experience surely delivering sheer moments of joy. You will keep coming back for more.

#moltenme #dubaidessert #sweetcravings #dubaimoltenme #cakedubai

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